Pulled Jerk Chicken and Spring Onion Samosas

I LOVE jerk chicken and after watching bake off, I thought why not try them in samosas! Be sure to check the instructions on the pastry box, as some filo pastry requires it to be at room temperature for 2 hours.  This recipe makes around 14 samosas.



4 Skinless chicken breast

150ml of Water

1 teaspoon of Mild Chilli powder

1 teaspoon of Smoked Paprika

4 tablespoons of Dunns River Jerk seasoning

a small bowl of cold water

5 Spring onions, sliced

1 Pack of ready-made filo pastry

  1. Place the chicken breast, with the tender removed, on a cutting board and hold it flat with the palm of your non-knife hand. Using a sharp knife, slice the chicken breast horizontally into two even pieces. Repeat this to all of the breasts.
  2. In a medium bowl rub in two teaspoons of the jerk seasoning into the chicken. Then put in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the chicken from the fridge. In a heavy bottomed saucepan add the water and chicken, cook the chicken over a medium heat for around 10 minutes. Don’t forget to cover the saucepan with the lid.
  4. After the chicken is cooked, remove the chicken from the saucepan onto a large plate (leave the water in saucepan). Allow the chicken to cool slightly, use two forks to shred the chicken.
  5. Place the chicken back in the saucepan mixing  in the chilli powder, smoked paprika and 3 teaspoons of jerk seasoning (more if you can handle the heat) and simmer until all the water has disappeared.
  6. Place the chicken back on the plate and leave to completely cool down.
  7. Layout one of the filo sheets on a clean surface. Using a sharp knife cut two strips that are around 13cm wide. Place around a tablespoon of the pulled jerk chicken at the end of strip, and sprinkle some of the spring onion on top. Now take the right corner and fold diagonally to the left, enclosing the filling and to form a triangle. Fold again along the upper crease of the triangle. Keep folding in this way until you reach the end of the strip. Use the cold water the light brush the excess pastry and fold to seal it. Repeat this until you have made all of the chicken into samosas.
  8. Half fill a large saucepan with sunflower oil and heat (I used a piece of excess pastry to test when the oil was ready). Fry the samosas in small batches until golden brown and crisp. Remove from the oil using a spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

Best served warm with some sweet chilli mayo!


Enjoy ©


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